Permanent TRUST Control & Real-time Corp Climate monitoring

Asset Guards Emotional analytics allows multiple solutions:

TRUST Control, Corporate Climate, Personnel Selection & Hiring

Processes Evidence of results, and Risks Measurement & Restrictions.

ETC = Emotional TRUST Control

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Permanent TRUST Control

Benefits & Features:


Permanent TRUST ControlReduce Undesirable Behavior

Organization ClimateContinuous Measurement & Improvement

Process Optimization & Quality Assurance

Emotional FingerprintPersonnel Selection & Hiring

Improve Supervision & Reduce Operational Costs



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ETCPosts – Artículos – 關節

Continous Organization Climate Measurement



What is ETC for your Company?


– A professional and permanent approach to track and manage TRUST Controls

– Historical and accurate Assessments of Asset Guards, Supervisors, Locations & Processes…

– A consistent source of “Big Data” to improve operations and profitability.

– Peace of Mind over Security Issues to Prevent Crime.

– Permanent Assessment of vulnerabilities and strategies to Investigate them.

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Improve Operations and Profitability

Data Protection NoticeAviso de Protección de Datos

ETC by Corporate O

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