13 mind-blowing skills AI can accomplish in 2022!

By now, most folks are conscious of Artificial Intelligence (AI) being an increasingly present part of our everyday lives. But, ordinary people would be surprised to find out of a number of the talents AI already knows the way to do. So, here are 13 mind-blowing skills AI can already do today.

I. Understand Emotions

Market research is aided by AI tools that track a person’s emotions as they record videos while answering questions. Artificial emotional intelligence can gather data from an individual’s facial and voice expressions, transcripts communications, and more, correlate the emotions and sources to determine metrics, and activate Alerts based on trends and patterns.


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II. Read

Is one among your wishes to save lots of time by only concentrating on the salient communication points? Your wish has come true with AI-powered SummarizeBot. Whether it’s news articles, weblinks, books, emails, legal documents, audio and image files, and more, automatic text summarization by AI and machine learning reads communication and reports back the essential information. SummarizeBot is often utilized in Facebook Messenger or Slack and relies on language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies.

III. Write

Would you think that alongside professional journalists, news organizations like The NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, and more believe AI to write? They are doing, and although this includes many “who, what, where, when, and how” formulaic pieces, AI is also in a position to expand beyond this to more creative writing. In addition, many marketers are turning to AI to craft their social media posts. Even a unique has even been generated by AI that was short-listed for a gift.

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IV. See

Machine vision is when computers can “see” the planet, analyze visual data, and make decisions about it. There are numerous unique ways machine vision is employed today, including enabling self-driving cars, face recognition for police investigation, payment portals, and more. In manufacturing, the power for machines to ascertain helps in predictive maintenance and merchandise internal control.

V. Hear and understand

Did you recognize AI is in a position to detect gunshots, analyze the sound, then alert relevant agencies? This is often one among the mind-blowing things AI can do when it hears and understands sounds. And who can refute the helpfulness of digital voice assistants to reply to your queries whether you would like a weather report or your day’s agenda? Business professionals love the convenience, efficiency, and accuracy provided by AI through automated meeting minutes.

VI. Speak

Artificial intelligence also can speak. While it’s helpful to possess Alexa and Google Maps to answer your queries and provide directions, Google Duplex takes it one step further. It uses AI to schedule appointments, and complete tasks over the phone is a very conversational language. Moreover, it can respond accurately to the responses given by humans.

VII. Smell

AI researchers are currently developing AI models that will be ready to detect illnesses—just by smelling a human’s breath. For example, it can detect aldehydes chemicals related to human diseases and stress, including cancer, diabetes, brain injuries, and detect the “woody, musky odor” emitted from paralysis agitans even before the other symptoms are presently identified. Artificially intelligent bots could identify gas leaks or other caustic chemicals, as well. IBM is even using AI to develop new perfumes.

VIII. Touch

Using sensors and cameras, a robot will identify “supermarket ripe” raspberries and even pick them and place them into a basket! Its creator says that it’ll eventually be ready to pick one raspberry every 10 seconds for 20 hours a day! The subsequent step for AI tactile development is to link touch with other senses.

IX. Move

Artificial intelligence propels all types of movement, from autonomous vehicles to drones to robots. For example, the Alter 3 production at Tokyo’s New National Theatre features robots that autonomously generate motion.

X. Play games

It’s not all serious business with artificial intelligence—it can learn to play games like chess, Go, and poker (which was a fantastic feat)! And, it seems that AI can learn to play these games plus compete and even beat humans at them!

XI. Debate

IBM’s Project Debater showed us that AI can even achieve success at debating humans in complex subjects. Not only is it ready to research an issue, but it also can create an enticing point of view and craft rebuttals against a person’s opponent.

XII. Create

Artificial intelligence can even master creative processes, including making visual art, writing poetry, composing music, and taking photographs. Google’s AI was even ready to create its own AI “child”—that outperformed human-made counterparts.

XIII. Read your mind

This is truly mind-boggling—AI that will read your mind! It can interpret brain signals then create speech. Impressive and life-changing for those with speech impairment, but a touch bit scary once you consider the mind-reading aspect of the skill. It’s no surprise that many of the most important tech giants, including Facebook and Elon Musk, have their projects underway to maximize AI’s mind-reading potential.

Now imagine if these 13 mind-blowing skills were all combined into one super artificial intelligence! Frightening or exhilarating? That’s up to you to make a decision, but I feel we will all agree; it might be mind-blowing!

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