Corporate O – Systems Development company based in the U.S. with a strong team in India, Spain & the U.S., expertise in cloud computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Predictive Artificial Intelligence.

ETC Technology Consortium – Scientific minds from around the world aligned with a common purpose: Solve critical problems and create significant business opportunities!

Leadership by experts in Security, A.I., Personal Data Protection, Corp. Honesty.


Carlos Cayon-Crosswell – President & CEO

Anil Kumar – Chief Technology Officer

Top Officials – Strategic Partners

Dedicated experts in their fields of knowledge, adding a significant value to the ETC – Emotional TRUST Control initiative, actively collaborating in our projects worldwide, which guarantees quality control and consequently its success.

Chief Data Scientist – Emma Galindo Diez – Madrid, Spain

Predictive Artificial Intelligence expert, with very strong academic development. Experience in international consulting firms. Emma also acts as ETC Europe Representative.

Chief Examiner – Bryan Gilman – Colorado, U.S.

Trained in the FBI – U.S. academy, extensive experience in the Security Intelligence community both in corporations and in the United States government.
Bryan will also have the responsibility of developing our project in the regulated United States market and supporting safety issues in projects around the world.

Chief Compliance Officer – Salvador Fabra Martínez – Madrid, Spain

Ex-military lawyer and professor, an expert in (GDPR) Protection of Personal Data. Degree in Criminology and Law, with a master’s degree in administration (MBA).

Salvador also supports us in coordinating the development of the Spanish market.

ETC Corporate Honesty Advisor – Ben Beckhart

A business adviser, mentor, coach, and entrepreneur.  Ben is the former CEO and Country President of several multinational companies. He serves on several corporate boards and mentors for Endeavor and coaches for the Simitri Group International. Ben is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and of the Harvard Business School (MBA).

ETC - Worldwide Partners

Worldwide Partners


> United States – Country Representative – Legacy Investigations

Bryan Gilman – 1(303) 815-8313 –

> United

Strategic Partner – Federal Agencies & Law Enforcement

ETC = Emotional TRUST Control


Contact –

> Brazil – Shelter Assessoria Executiva Ltda

Contact – Paulo Lino –

> Ecuador

Contact – Raúl Ayala>

> Mexico

> Monterrey – CIE

Alejandro Villarreal

> Panamá

AIG – American Intelligence Group

Antonio López Pérez

ETC = Emotional TRUST Control


> Spain

Alicante – Distrito Digital Comunitat Valenciana

Roger Sanz

Madrid – Protesafe

Salvador Fabra

ETC = Emotional TRUST Control

Worldwide Pre-Sales

Maria Arrioja – V.P. Pre-Sales – Europe & Asia

ETC WW Pre-Sales Directors

Michael Nimarkoh – Markets: UEA & Africa
Ashish Prakash – India
Sofia Rodriguez – Market: Colombia
Lorena Xavier – Market: Brazil
Saleem Abbas – Pakistan
Kevin Koh – Markets: Malaysia & Taiwan
Derrick Amoah – Market: Canada
Mohsin Raza – Market: China
Harshit Sankhwar – India
Yasir Muneer – U.S. Market
Hassan Haider – Pakistan
Awais Rafiq – Pakistan

ETC = Emotional TRUST Control

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