ETC HIRE – Quick Scan

ETC HIRE It is a powerful and unique software as a service, Hiring solution that uses state of the art, artificial intelligence to document a quick scan, diagnosis, and evaluation of job candidates from self-recorded video sessions. ETC HIRE analyzes FACIAL microexpressions, VOICE tonality, and Transcripts, regardless of language, to extract emotional stages and KPIs […]

How to reduce Staff turnover with ETC!

ETC – Corporate Climate I. Reduce Staff Turnover When dealing with the issue of employee conservation, already undergoing the process of personnel search, hiring, and training. Mergers and Acquisitions and the hiring of highly experienced foreign personnel and at a lower cost. Another aspect that adds to the phenomenon of high turnover. In the US, […]

Costs of Hiring the WRONG Candidate

Costs of Hiring the WRONG Candidate? Even in a transparent recruitment process that identifies a profile needed for each position, with the necessary skills and knowledge. There is a high chance to have wrong recruitment that generates frustration among HR managers and low customer satisfaction within the company. Costs of Hiring the WRONG Candidate? According […]

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