How do I get people to respect me as a leader?

By Ben Beckhart While I was growing up I believed that earning respect as a leader was showing that I was stronger, smarter, more knowledgeable, and charismatic. I even thought that being feared would earn me respect as a Leader. I was wrong.I learned that I could earn respect by having my behaviors be an […]

Honesty Score – Test & Hints

Honesty Score – Hints The ETC Honesty Score – Test  is a compilation of elements that we call “Checkpoints” that récord the body and verbal reactions of a person when is interrogated and through a detailed observation can be detected if they lie.     Honesty – Hints & Checkpoints ETC Honesty Score – Test […]

Multinational Corporations

Multinational Corporations & ETC

M ETC permanent TRUST Control to Detect & STOP Business Losses The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and repeatedly. If your company has unexplained losses, thefts, or shortages in Latin America, an employee may be involved. Multinational Corporations have difficulty believing that one or more of their […]

Artificial Intelligence can be the difference to save your company! – Inteligencia Artificial puede ser la diferencia para salvar a su empresa!

While the six largest companies in the world, linked to Information Technology and AI have record valuations in the midst of the pandemic, the rest suffers from surviving! Mientras las 6 empresas más grandes del mundo y ligadas a la Tecnología Informática e Inteligencia Artificial tienen valuaciones récord en plena pandemia, el resto sufre por […]

Question Mark

Human Analytics in Job Interview

Human Analytics in Job Interview Do not miss the opportunity! Rehearsal is the key, and the Emotional Job Interview  APP is the perfect tool to improve and get to know yourself and hopefully your Spouse better!   Human Analytics in Job Interview Prepare your Answers Each interviewer has its way of knowing the aspirants, methods, […]

Analyzing Microexpressions

Reading and Analyzing Microexpressions! Microexpression Are quick and involuntary facial expressions that occur as a manifestation of an emotion we are feeling. I will tell you a secret: these allow us to know what the person with whom we are relating is feeling since they are innate and of a universal nature. Microexpressiones Son expresiones […]

Why use a Supervisor Scoring System to evaluate Candidates?

Scoring System to evaluate a Candidate? Experts say that the “Supervisor” have the “gut feeling” when a Candidate or Asset Guard is lying. We all have to listen to our instincts. But there are potential problems trying to analyze and separate emotions. How to defend a lying Asset Guard? How to support when we do […]

Microexpressions Analysis – ETC AI – Methodology

Microexpressions Analysis A micro-expression is the natural result of a voluntary or involuntary emotional response to stimuli. Microexpressions occur when the amygdala is the emotional center of the brain and responds to the stimuli felt by the individual and that the last wishes to hide this specific emotion. Emotions Universality Are the facial expressions universal? The […]

The Perfect working relationship

The Perfect working relationship

Perfect couple Key points to the perfect employee – boss relationship First of all, when a working relationship starts and both people feel very involved, there are specific indications that can anticipate a happy ending, like having tastes and goals in every day, fluid communication, internal attraction and above all having a friendship and deep […]

Abuse in a Couple

Abuse in a Boss – Employee relation

Abuse in a employement relation: causes, effects, and keys to understanding this phenomenon Human beings are relational beings, that is, we can only understand ourselves about others, and the central place where we learn to do it is the family. Statistics indicate that around 30-40% of families suffer some form of domestic or partner violence. […]

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