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ETC permanent TRUST Control to Detect & STOP Business Losses

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and repeatedly. If your company has unexplained losses, thefts, or shortages in Latin America, an employee may be involved.

Multinational Corporations have difficulty believing that one or more of their employees or managers are stealing from them. In many cases, the corporation bosses or managers have developed long-term friendships with employees, and the personal betrayal of theft is hard to swallow or even acknowledge.

ETC = Emotional TRUST Control

Call an ETC Partner for information on specific country laws.

If you have even slight suspicions that losses could be employee-related, all the data generated by ETC and research will tell you to TRUST that suspicion. And it is vital to find out the truth because employee theft undermines the morale of honest employees (ETC real-time Corp. Climate). Most honest employees who believe a theft problem will eventually leave your company if that problem goes unchecked.

There is good news under Latin American local laws.

Latam local laws give you the right to utilize ETC to help solve specific business losses locally. Even better, the employee will authorize the use of ETC as part of the control, custody, and report of incidents related to the assigned assets.

These will take an employee perception of prejudice out of the picture and gives you a legal leg to stand on when you announce that you will be conducting a permanent TRUST Control and real-time Corp. Climate as part of a theft investigation.

Here are some of the business losses where ETC can be helpful:

Missing Money or valued documents

Inventory Shortages

Product Tampering

Industrial Espionage (Intellectual Property Theft)

Commercial Sabotage

Property & Merchandise Damage

Misappropriation and Embezzlement

Permanent TRUST Control

Expats represent their companies abroad: they create a picture of the company’s head office toward employees in the foreign subsidiaries from the head office’s perspective.

Expats transfer knowledge from home to their foreign subsidiaries and report back Corp, Climate, performance, deviations, and assess risks through ETC.

There is more good news. Announcing that ETC will be a part of the operations/investigation begins to put an appropriate fear into the actual guilty employee(s) or stop organized crime. Our experience finds that the ‘problem’ is reduced or goes away before the ETC Pilot Project is even completed. When I mean to go away, that may be permanent, finding an acceptable reason to quit or simply abandon their job.

And if the Asset Guards or ‘Reasonable Suspicion’ refuses to work with the ETC process, you can act!

When should you implement ETC, of which the most crucial are the following:

You have a specific loss. (inventory missing from the warehouse, etc.)

You have an ongoing investigation (filing a police and/or insurance report, etc.)

The employee(s) have access to valuable assets or company locations.

For the sake of your honest employees and a healthy bottom line, take steps now to solve your employee’s undesirable behavior problems.

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